Surviving Christmas ! 

✨✨Surviving Christmas ✨✨You may be struggling to keep your marriage together 

You may in fact be recently separated or divorced 

You may be suffering from the loss through death of a parent, partner or close friend

You may be battling with illness, stress or anxiety

You may have recently lost your job or juggling with finances 

You may be estranged from members of your family of origin – parents, brothers or sisters

You may be isolated from your children 

You may just be a soloperson – a one person family 
And you are doing just fine, managing to survive , going about your daily ritual, maintaining your equilibrium …. 
And then Christmas arrives ….. Full of perceived cheer, joviality , good will, tinsel, Christmas cards , perfectly styled decorated interiors , designer place settings, gourmet dinners, perfectly formed images of families -{ a mother , father , 2 children and strategically placed well behaved pets !!! } not to mention the extremely expensive presents gift wrapped in coordinated paper and ribbons!
And boom …. All your perfectly controlled emotions explode – and you feel sad, angry, jealous, unhappy, panic, exhaustion, stressed, lonely, emotionally in pain. 

You feel everything that your not supposed too ….at this time of *peace and good will to all* 
What the glitter encrusted advertising focusing mainly on children receiving their hearts desire from Santa, and being part of a loving caring harmonious family doesn’t show is the underlying tensions which make up family and relationship dynamics the other 364 days of the year- the cross word or stern look from a parent, the criticism from a teacher, the childhood bickering, the threats from a school bully. The experiences we have as children within our families, school environment, neighbourhood and local community are the foundation of our attachment style and how we form relationships successfully or not with others in later life. So we find a way of living that works for us, a way of navigating past the pain of imperfect relationships and then Christmas throws it all into focus … The long held resentment against a sibling , the underlying unhappiness within a personal relationship , the loss of your family through separation /divorce, the lack of a romantic relationship in your life, not having children of your own. 
Let me tell you something …. There is a new paradigm in families – there is no one size fits all – there are 

Single mothers 

Separated fathers 

Integrated families with children from both partners 

Same sex partnerships 

Singletons {yes a family of one!} 

Digital Families

Work families  

Life is transition – things change , humans change their family and relationship dynamics, we meet new people, make new friends , form new partnerships , create new lives for ourselves. 

The one thing to remember is that 

Time heals all pain 

I’ve met people who having been emotionally broken for years, sometimes decades, who rebuild their lives by reconnecting with themselves and with others, who accept the past and work through it, who embrace the current moment by creating peace of mind and practicing self care, and who actually experience pure joy and happiness by being true to themselves. 

You can too and I’m suggesting these 4 strategies to get you started 

One of the best ways to counteract emotional pain is by expressing gratitude for what you do have , the good experiences of 2017 no matter how simple , the people you have met, the ones who have helped you or made an impact on you, the challenges you have survived, the life learnings you have experienced- the dynamics of human living – gratitude IS transformative and has the ability to turn your life around. 

What are you grateful for ?
VULNERABILITY – Vulnerability is a gift which can give us freedom from pain.

Being fearless in acknowledging 





Will allow these feelings to rest and not overwhelm you. Vulnerability heals pain. 
REGRET -FREE – If you have been thinking of the past 12 months and having pangs of regrets over events that happened during the year it’s time to recognise that the past is over and cannot be changed – live in the present moment and appreciate how far you have come. The only thing we can change is our reaction to past events /situations, let us accept the challenge as an opportunity to learn and move forward with renewed gratitude and self worth. 
KINDNESS – be kind to yourself , sleep well, eat well, reduce caffeine and alcohol, go outside and enjoy the fresh air, go for a walk, swim or dance! Practice meditation, silence and mindfulness – Nourish your human spirit. 
ASK FOR HELP -if this has reasonated with you and you’d like to confide in someone -or if your intention is to create extraordinary relationships in 2018, consider a conversation with me – connect with me via FB messenger or email –
Happy Christmas 


Love and respect yourself enough ….

The Joy of Extraordinary Relationships 
Can I ask you a question …or two … About your current way of being?
Do you feel that you are trying to please ALL of the people in your life …ALL of the time ? 

Are you someone who constantly strives for perfection ? 

Are you a pacifist who avoids conflict at all costs? 

Do you feel that you are hardly yourself ? That you cannot express your opinions for fear of upsetting others? 

Are you indecisive about your life, thinking that no matter what you choose it will be the wrong decision? 

Are you obsessed with feeling sorry for yourself ? 

Do you stay on the Periphery of your family relationships – observing but not quite getting involved ? 

Do you dull your true personality so as not to outshine others ?

Do you still unfavourably compare yourself to your siblings? 

Do you bury yourself in work to avoid experiencing closeness to your family or friends? 
Do you know that these are some of the traits of adults who have experienced emotional lack as a child ? 
Not everyone is lucky enough to have experienced emotionally available caregivers in all their immediate environments as a child – whether that is within their family, school or neighbourhood. In fact 100% of all my clients in the past 20 years have experienced some type of emotional lack by the age of seven. 

How we have experienced emotional connection in our past is the driving force behind how we form attachments or human connection as adults and has a profound effect on every area of our lives, both personal and career wise. 
(You may not think you have suffered emotional lack until you explore your current behaviours against the list above ..this might just be an Aha moment for you. )
Attachment/Connection Styles 

As children we are surrounded by care givers – family of origin, extended family, educators, neighbours and friends – and if any of our caregivers reject us or are unresponsive to our emotional needs, we may develop an insecure/ avoidant or dismissive /avoidant attachment style. This means avoiding close relationships or keeping people at an emotional distance, hiding your feelings, pushing people away, yet strongly wanting decent relationships and connections. 
Children who experience long term emotional neglect may develop a fearful /avoidant or disorganised /disoriented attachment style – closing themselves off emotionally, avoiding trusting people and terrified of rejection. 
Children who experience caregivers who fluctuated between being responsive and neglectful may develop an insecure/ ambivalent or anxious/preoccupied attachment style which manifests itself in being seen as *clingy* or suffering paranoia , basing their self esteem on the moods of their nearest and dearest and constantly striving to keep everyone happy.
I know lots of you are going to say * my childhood was great – my parents were perfect * and will reject what I’m saying – however I’m not apportioning blame on anyone – I strongly believe that  

Everything that anyone says,does or thinks is based in their own self worth and has nothing to do with the person these words or actions are directed to. 

And therein lies the ultimate truth – when a wrong deed or cross word is directed at us – we automatically assume blame – that it’s OUR FAULT that this happened – however nothing could be further from the truth …the action/word/opinion is all about the person who is saying/doing it – NOT ABOUT YOU! 

As children when we witness or experience our caregivers sometimes flawed behaviour we do not have the ability to detach from its meaning and understand that it’s not about us. 

This is not to set in motion a whole barrage of the blame game ..* my teacher said this about me ….* My parents did this ….* and use this as an excuse for our behaviour. 

If we can master this belief …

Everyone does the best that they can with the knowledge that they have at any particular time 

Then we are on the road to accepting responsibility for how we now respond to events as adults , and therefore begin moving into the enlightened area of acceptance of human beings as they are and eventually FORGIVENESS and compassion. 
The effects of childhood emotional lack do not have to be permanent- understanding the underlying reasons why you have developed certain emotional attachment styles allow you the freedom to work on changing them along with changing some long held self defeating belief you may have. 

 Love and respect yourself enough to to look at the truth of your self belief and by doing so open up to the Joy of extraordinary relationships in every area of your life 


The Joy of Extraordinary Relationships 

The joy of extraordinary relationships
Many of you when reading the above headline will make one of two assumptions 

1 : Oooh by relationships she must be writing about romance …. And will either immediately switch off thinking *no I’m not interested in that * or will tune in thinking *Is it possible to have extraordinary relationships*

2 : The second assumption will be that, as I’m a life coach you will think that this article will be all about how your relationship with self is the most important of all….. And you may think *oh I’ve heard this all before – nothing new here*
Both assumptions will not be entirely correct ! 
I have been the observer of human behaviour for over 4 decades- while working in retail in my parent’ shop from the age of 8 to having my own retail shop for 16 years, working in manufacturing, services, event management , education, mediation, and charity organisations, and being national and local president of different voluntary organisations, I think it’s fair to say that I have connected with literally 1,000’s of people so far and have observed how they relate to one another and how they feel about themselves. 
I have been coaching both in business and personal development for over 20 years and after recent research on my own work I can tell you that for 




that I have coached – the relationships that have impacted people when they were a child are the force behind how they are currently living or struggling in life. 
Read that again ….

✨The relationships that have impacted you when you were a child are the force behind how you are currently living or struggling in life. ✨
This is true for every single client I’ve met in the past 20 years. 
Your relationship with your parents 

Your parents relationship with each other 

Your relationship with your siblings

Your siblings relationship with each of your parents 

Your siblings relationship with each other 

Your relationship with your first friends 

Your relationship with your teachers 

Your relationships with your neighbours 

Your parents relationships with your teachers, neighbours, friends parents

Your relationships with your extended family – aunts, uncles , cousins 

Your parents relationships with aunts, uncles , cousins 
Everything that you witness and experience in these relationships as a child has a profound impact on your own self worth and self esteem in every interaction you have with other humans whether in your personal life or career. 

The whole of life is about human connection, and what you learn and experience as a child you will bring into your future relationships – teenage friendships, student friendships, boyfriends , girlfriends , partnerships , marriage , work relationships with colleagues and managers…. It is all connected. 

✨Every limiting belief you hold is due to the human connections you had as a child …. ✨And I’m saying this as an observation and without blame on those who did their best with the knowledge they had at any time. 

✨The quality and type of your current relationships are due to the type and quality of human connections you had as a child…✨
Your self esteem, your self worth , your fear of abandonment , fear of committing , fear of success, fear of abundance , fear of not being perfect , fear of vulnerability, fear of being loved, fear of being heard, fear of standing up for yourself, fear of asking for what you want, fear of failure are all created by your relationship childhood experiences.  
A recent study featured in The Telegraph has shown how at 3 years of age, the brain of a nurtured loved child is bigger and clearer than that of a child who may have suffered emotional neglect before the age of 3. And whereas many of us, thank goodness won’t have experienced emotional neglect from our mothers, we may have witnessed and experienced at a very young age, emotional neglect among others who were close to us. This sets the standards of our expectations for relationships. 
This just doesn’t impact out personal relationships , it also impacts our work relationships and our ability to connect with co-workers, our ability to take direction, our ability to lead a team, out ability to reach our potential, our ability to succeed either as an employee or as an entrepreneur, our beliefs about money and and what we are worth are all related back to our childhood experiences. A survey published about 2 years ago stated that 82% of Irelands working population were suffering stress due to 

A -Financial Worries and 

B – Relationship problems in either personal or working life.  

We recently had mental health week here in Ireland where there was a lot of emphasis on positivity, and generating positive mental health initiatives and team building within the work place – this is all very important – however I think it’s only scratching the surface. We cannot successfully take part in team building initiatives if we are still struggling with our own concept of what connecting to people is all about. We need to dive deep into the underlying causes of our distress which is all about understanding how our perception of human connection was initiated. 
So, can we change ? Absolutely! YES we can ( sorry didn’t mean to sound like Barack Obama there 😀)

Neuroplasticity is a relatively new discovery which shows that our brains are capable of being malleable when we work on our thoughts, perceptions and beliefs. So if our current perceptions about relationships are based on our early learning … Can we recalibrate our minds in order to experience extraordinary relationships ? 
Over the next 4 days I’m going to show you what has worked for my clients over the last 20 years and show you 4 techniques/learnings/observations that will show you how to experience 

The Joy of Extraordinary Relationships 
If you have found yourself consumed by hatred for someone

If you are experiencing fractious relationships 

 If you are consistently on the periphery of personal relationships and friendships 
If you are accepting mediocre in any of your relationships
If you are feeling lonely 
If you are finding it difficult to connect with or lead your work team 

Then the next 4 articles will show you how you can experience nurturing exceptional relationships in all areas of your life💜

Recalibrate : finding a new identity in midlife

Recalibrate – a quest for new identity in midlife 
As the decades unfold in our lives – how we view ourselves, how we regard our self worth and how we feel about ourselves is often wrapped up in how we feel about our age and our achievements (or lack of) to date. 

This can be thrown into sharp focus as we watch our teenage children progress in this youth obsessed age with a bright future and many opportunities ahead of them and we may begin to wonder …

What have I done with my life? 

Have I achieved my potential? 

Are my best years behind me? 

Have I lost too many opportunities?

Is my best work done?

Have I ever found my true calling? 

Have I ever discovered and lived up to my purpose? 

What is my purpose?  

We can, quiet easily be thrown into a nostalgic self pitying introspection of regret, what ifs and fear that we are on the scrap heap of mid life and will no longer be afforded opportunities to raise to our full potential. 
As my own daughter recently graduated from secondary school and is currently sitting state exams which will lead her to a career and new exciting opportunities I have been pondering this whole mid-life section of my own life and wondering how to approach it. My role as a mother is changing as my daughter steps into an independent lifestyle, and therefor my own purpose in life is also changing. So I’m wondering what is next for me?
Is it time for a reinvention of my life and career identity? Or is reinvention the right phrase? Many articles, coaches and mentors encourage us to look at this unchartered territory of midlife as a time to reinvent ourselves and to create a whole new persona, and forge a new identity. I’ve been researching a lot on ‘reinvention’ for this article … However the word just wasn’t resonating with me and isn’t really in alignment with my values and beliefs and I kept procrastinating about writing this.  
Reinvention means to renew or makeover something so that it appears entirely new and not like it was before. As you know I’m all for change and renewal – however I also believe that

A – Life is an experiential journey and the three priceless commodities that money cannot buy, our inner wisdom, our knowledge and our intuition come from everything that we have experienced in life whether they were positive or negative experiences. These experiences make up the essence of who we are as human beings and are unique to each of us individually. 

B – We can only truly love and value ourselves and appreciate our self worth when we accept everything that has made us who we are and acknowledge all our past experiences. As Brene Brown, the expert on vulnerability states -‘ when we own our story then we can rewrite the ending’.
So I began to look at ways I could combine my past life experiences, inner wisdom, knowledge and intuition with mindset mastery to create a new paradigm for my future ..

A future liberated from past limiting beliefs 

A future enriched by the value of past life experiences 

A future expanded by a mindset that is open to new potential, new purpose and new possibilities (regardless of age) 

And I came up with 

RECALIBRATION – making small changes to how we view and measure midlife and the ageing process so that we can stay true to our essence, yet find the courage to redefine our future based on our core values and beliefs. 
Recalibration is more about tweaking than reinvention and is much less scary! It’s about taking everything life has given us and reframing it into a new vision for our lives. It is equally as transformative as reinvention, and is all about combining continuity of life with change. It is a way to create smooth transition from one period of life to another – it combines the familiarity of the past with the excitement of the future. It is a way of  

accepting our past with grace and understanding, combining it with mindset mastery, so that we thrive at any age. It’s about combining accomplishment and experience with innovative thinking so that we can create a remarkable extraordinary future.  

Recalibration can work in every area of your life – helping you to redefine your future career, relationships, spirituality , personal development, goal setting, and success – free from doubt and uncertainty. 
What areas of your life would you like to recalibrate? What would an extraordinary future look like for you? How would you feel if you could create a new future with infinite potential , with ease and grace? 

Does that sound like something you’d like to achieve??

Come with me on my journey midlife recalibration where I’ll share with you the explorations of my future potential  
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Your power is in your mindset ! 

Good morning Potentialists!!The power in your business and in your life is Mindset 

If you want to be a powerhouse of potential …

If you want success in your business …

If you want a life less ordinary and more joy, happiness and inner peace 

Then MINDSET is the skill that you need! 
Do these 8 things that Potentialists do and watch your life change dramatically 
1- Change your beliefs about what you can achieve and what is possible …decide right now to be open to the possibility of magnificent change 

*believe that you can and decide that you will * 
2 – Master your language – what you say to others and to yourself has a huge impact on our self belief 

Words are magic and if you constantly use negative phrases or cutting remarks about yourself or others this creates an energy and belief that can take years to release. 
3- Keep good company – you are the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with ….so if you are surrounded with pessimistic , negative people ….what is your mindset going to be like? 
4- Develop the power of perspective – allowing yourself to see other peoples point of view in any situation and also develop the ability to look at a situation from a perspective in the future – how will this look in 5 years time 
5- Acceptance of other people’s views without judgement – this gives you the ultimate freedom to be, do and achieve what you desire without fear of what others think – this is an amazing empowering place to be 
6- Detatch from the labels , opinions of others – everything anybody does, says or thinks is a reflection of them – not of you 

What anyone thinks of you is actually none of your business ! 
7- Choice is a superpower we all have – use your superpower to choose how you are going to create your life, your future your potential 
8 – Celebrate your wins – express gratitude at how far you have come instead of bemoaning how far you think you may have to go – buy that gratitude journal and write in it every day 
Take some time to practice these on a daily basis and watch how your life changes – share this with your friends 



#FookFifty – a new era ! 

#FookFifty Blog I have a scar

It is a scar of love 

It is my cesarian scar from when I gave birth almost 18 years ago to my beautiful daughter.

I was 37, considered an older first time mother and my daughter was a week overdue and still high up in my belly – comfy, content and liking to do things in a slow steady pace … much as she is today.

And so her life journey began , and my life journey too as a mom.

This child is the person I love most in the world and to me the scar is a symbol of the pain and heartache we can sometimes experience as parents – not that this pain is caused intentionally by our kids – it’s all part of being a parent and allowing them to be themselves. 

While we watch our kids grow up in confidence and self belief about their path in their brave new world , we may often wonder what happened our dreams and our visions that we had as teenagers for our own futures. 

We grow older and become accustomed to the independence of our kids as they need us less, and we have more time to ponder on the meaning of life ….our OWN lives and may wonder *is this it*?
This actually happened me almost 2 years ago when my daughter turned 16. We met up with her dad, godfather and some of her friends for a celebratory meal – everyone dressed to the nines, with the young ladies in designer finery, high heels and beautifully applied makeup. We took some photos and when I got home that night I was horrified ….I didn’t recognise myself , l looked and felt like those horrible menopausal dwarves – dumpy, lumpy, frumpy and grumpy beside my beautiful confident daughter who was embarking on the most exciting time of her life. 

I always felt young at heart and had supposed I looked young – however that photo told another story – it represented how my life was at that time – mediocre, dull and drab – one young lady starting her life and one old lady beginning the end of her life. 

So that night I vowed to change how I was going to run my life, this was an opportunity for me to embrace a new beginning and learn from my daughter, embrace her attitudes, her belief in herself and her excitement at new opportunities. 

And that’s how #FookFifty emerged – a movement to create a mindset beyond age, wrinkles, grey hair, and muffin tops! 

So this page is a little departure for me from my usual musings – this is Where I’m at now -*the monologues of a menopausal woman * !!! 

I’ve been struggling with creating content for my blogs recently, however this has been simmering underneath the surface for several months so I’m going with the flow.

Some of you will love this , some of you will hate this and some of you will completely resonate with it all – it’s meant to be fun, a cheeky look at being 50, and hopefully some inspiration for living though the menopause. I will be blogging every week and welcome any suggestions you might like covered 

Join us in the FB group #FookFifty  


When nothing is certain .. Then everything is possible AKA when your Potentialist gets the Wobblies !! 

When nothing is certain Then everything is possible ….or 

When Your Potentialist gets the Wobblies !!
Time is flying by …. It’s almost February .. The official start date for spring in Ireland! You 

And for some of you , you may feel that time is passing you by and may wonder if there is more to life than *this* …. And *this* for you may be a life lacking in purpose, meaning and self worth , a life of doubt, insecurity or a life wondering if you are ever going to achieve your dreams. 
Maybe you don’t know what your dreams are – maybe you don’t know what type of new *this* you’d like, maybe you are frustrated by that lack of knowing, maybe you just want something new to give you renewed energy, renewed perspective , renewed joie de vivre? 
Perhaps you are struggling in your business , perhaps you are struggling in your personal life or relationships ….whichever scenario you need a boost in – the solution is the same …. Do LESS not more! 
To be honest I truly believe that if something , some goal, some aim is not working – it’s not the right goal/aim/objective for YOU – so it’s all about stripping back the layers of other people’s expectations or their limiting beliefs about you so that you can discover your life alignment. To find this, to find that which truly reasonates with us we need silence, quiet and a little journey inward ! 
I have regular mid life crisis… The first when I was 27 and the most recent was this past weekend and I’ve had several more in between! And they are always to do with what am I doing , where is my purpose, am I a success, am I a failure, who am I at my age to be embarking on new adventures, what will others think? 
I’m on the cusp of some really amazing changes in my work and personal life and I got the Wobblies …. Fear set in and I wondered if I’m just an idiot to be trying all this new stuff…. 
So this morning after the school run , I returned to my home, switched off my phone and spent an hour on self reiki, mediation, journaling and stillness ….

So yes doing less today has helped me feel grounded and centred in who I am ….I’m OK and I’m embracing my *forever moving forward * mentality ! 

So if you want to discover your true path , and create a life rooted in courage , authenticity, and connection take some time to do less … And savour the time to be you. 

And you can always contact me for help too ! 

Enjoy your day X 


New Years Resolutions : the same old ones???


Procrastinating Much? Are you looking at failure already in your quest to achieve your new year resolution?

Is it time to


What is holding you back?

Fear of failure?

Fear of success?

Lack of motivation?

Lack of self belief?

So is the above photo what your New Year Goals / resolutions look like ????

Do you wish to move out of the procrastination zone of lack of self will, failure, doubt and fear ….

You can join us online for a 6 day class

AND you can also do a little self motivation here 🙂

7 Steps to Delete Procrastination

– so that you can leap into action now and take the very first steps to creating the life of your dreams today!

Get comfortable, grab a pen and let’s work through this together.

View your life with KIND-SIGHT – look back on the past months of this year and instead of beating yourself up and focusing on what has gone wrong, or didn’t work for you, please instead take some time and recognise how far you have come and list 10 things that have gone well for you. These can be anything from meeting work deadlines, meeting new friends, completing a new course, enjoying a holiday or break away etc.

Commitment V Involvement

Sometimes we have to be honest and look at the reason why we have not achieved a specific goal if we have been talking about it for a long time and it’s still just not happening? Maybe we don’t really want to achieve it and it may just be a goal or outcome that belongs to someone else? It must be a goal that totally resonates with you and is in total alignment with you.

On a scale of 1 – 10 how committed are you to achieving this goal? [ 1 being not committed at all and 10 being Totally committed] _______________

To achieve your goal or outcome your commitment must be 8, 9 or 10 – if its below this relook at the goal and ascertain if it’s really what YOU want.


To paraphrase a certain well known English playwright *To procrastinate or not to procrastinate*!!!

The path to success begins with the choices we make – choosing day by day to take one small action towards our goals. It’s choosing what things we will be saying YES to [action] and what we will be saying NO to [Procrastination]

Select what you want to say YES to

• Self Esteem, Feeling of Worth

• Action

• Certainty

• Safe and secure

• Stress Free

• Financial Abundance

• Healthy and happy relationships

• Part of a community

• Full health

• Thriving career/business

• Clear vision of where you want to be

• Positive Thoughts and unwavering self belief

Select what you will be saying No to

• Self Doubt

• Procrastination

• Distractions

• Overwhelm

• Fear

• Stress

• Lack of financial freedom

• Toxic Relationships

• Loneliness

• Bad Health

• Lack Lustre Career

• Lack of clarity

• Negative thoughts and limiting beliefs

Measure Your Actions

You cannot manage results if you do not measure your actions, and you cannot measure actions if you are not taking any!!!!!

So, 3 questions here…….

Are you ready to take ACTION? – YES _____ NO _____


Can you find an accountability partner or a *Boot your Ass Buddy* who will hold you accountable for your actions on a weekly or monthly basis? YES ______ NO ______

Who is this person going to be _________________________

Because you have read this far, I feel I can now ask you * is it time to stop faffing around*!

YES _____ NO_____

Are you sick and tired of not achieving your goals? YES ____ NO _____

Have your grand plans for this year come to a halt? YES ____ NO____

Are you still yearning to….

· Finally loose that weight

· Restyle your image

· Get your walking shoes on and enjoy some exercise

· Earn some money from your enterprise and create meaningful income for you and your family

· Create better loving relationships

· Find purpose in what you do

· Discover your authentic voice

· Live a joyful life

· Create positive change

· Develop your self worth

· Delete stress, anxiety, or emotional pain

· Other ________________

This is how it works – 7 Step Process

1 – Set a goals for inner and outer happiness – anything you want!

So tell me what is it exactly that you want? Describe it in high definition, full colour, real life, high volume scenario…… [select one goal at a time]

2 – How will you know when you have this? What will be the physical evidence that you have achieved your goal? Again describe it high definition, full colour, real life, high volume scenario……

3 – Where and when do you want this goal? Date and place?

4 – Is this goal beneficial?

For You, YES _____ NO _____

For people around you, YES _____ NO _____

For Society in general , YES _____ NO_____

5 – What talents/ resources/abilities/ do you already have available to you NOW, to achieve this outcome?

6 – Having got what you want, how will you be *BEING*and *FEELING* as a person – describe your feelings in vivid sensory detail what it will be like for you when you have achieved this goal.

7 – What’s the next SMALLEST step you can take TODAY to help you get what you want?


This process can be used for any of the goals you wish to achieve as you now have

1 – Recognised where you have achieved success in the past.

2 – Committed to achieving this goal.

3 – Chosen to say YES to action, and NO to procrastination.

4 – Selected an accountability partner or system to keep you on track.

5 – Set the goal in high definition so that you can see, hear and feel how you will be when you achieve it.

6 – Acknowledged that within you, you do have the desire, and ability, and skill to achieve this outcome. That is self belief.

7 – Written down the first step that you can/will take today towards this goal – many small steps taken consistently will bring you on the path to success

PS – You can still join us for TRUEHEART goals class –

Heart set ! The true essence of joy and why your heart kicks ass! 

Last week I did a FB live class speaking on mindset and giving a few tips on mindset makeover. This week I’m talking about something much bigger – (and I’m not even sure this is even a word ) and that is HEARTSET! Heartset is all about what your heart loves and craves , it’s about going deeper into what truly reasonates with you. 

The heart is normally associated with love ( think Valentine’s Day 💜) and yes HEARTSET is all about love – self love, self nourishment, self care. 

Loving your career/business – loving your age – loving your health and vitality- loving your life ! 

HEARTSET is about being true to you, living a heart centred life …. Authentic living. 

What if every decision in your life was preceded by the question – do I love doing this and rating it in a scale of 1-10. How much if your day would be spent doing stuff you love ? And how much doing stuff you hate ? If your spending most of time doing stuff you hate – is that an act if self love or self loathing ?

Is it time to break free from the shackles of self loathing and embrace a new reality of self love?  It’s not about doing more, being more or trying to constantly improve yourself …I believe you are perfect just as you are. I’m here to help you really see your perfection and therefor live to your true potential. 

What does that mean ? It means uncovering  layers of doubt and insecurity, it means releasing you from the responsibility of living up to other people’s expectations, and it means dropping the labels you’ve believed about yourself and it means being visible TO YOURSELF ! 

The true essence of joy is the freedom to be yourself and to live your life for you . 

So how would it feel to push away the expectations of others and your limiting self beliefs and labels and to live in total freedom? 

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Freedom of being 

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Humanity over ideology ….

 It always seems impossible until it is done.
Nelson Mandela 

Good Afternoon Potentialists! 

You haven’t heard from me in a while as I took some time out to concentrate on speaking engagements during the month of November.

The highlight of my year has been to meet Zelda LaGrange, Nelson Mandela’s Personal Assistant and I was absolutely privileged to be speaking on stage after her at a conference in Kerry. 

And as it turns out yesterday was the anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s death in 2013 and Zelda has marked the day by saying * Humanity over ideology was his biggest lesson to me. Respect, even for the enemy because it reflects who you are, not who they are. We miss you Khulu xx*
Zelda regaled us with stories of how at 19, while enjoying the luxury of her parents swimming pool, her dad – a while Afrikaans, told the family that *the terrorist* had been released and how over a period of time her Dad grew to respect Mandela due to the respect, honor and acceptance Mandela showed to his daughter. Zelda began working in Mandela’s office as a typist and soon became his trusted support and ally for almost 20 years. 
The learning from this for me was the way that 2 individuals, no matter their previous beliefs and values could with an open heart and mind accept, honor, respect and love another human being that historically and politically they were diametrically opposed to ….in theory. 
The human spirit is a wonderful thing, and when we can learn to accept others as they are without judgement, AND be at peace with who we are…that to me is the very essence of Potentialist Living.

Recently I had a wonderful opportunity to spend a few days in the beautiful Monart resort in a gorgeous Celtic Garden setting and I realised that I was totally at peace with who I am… Someone recently asked me would I change anything about my life and my answer is no, everything that has happened [the good , the bad and the ugly!] has made me who I am – plus I feel that if I had a huge desire to change something that I would be living with REGRET, that I would be living in the past. We cannot learn to love ourselves if we are expending energy on hating or being angry about our past. I do not believe we can be our best selves by living with regret, the past is in the past and the most powerful thing we can do for self acceptance and self worth, is to work from the present moment and look forward. 
I know that this is not always easy – however it is possible…. and as Mandela said himself – it always seems impossible until it is done. 

If you currently need help with healing your thoughts about your life, and would like to achieve Joy, happiness and success in your life – I have 4 slots available this month for coaching – [via skype or in person] I am also running a retreat on 1st Feb – first day of spring which you can join – more details in next news letter 
Take care and be kind to yourself 

 Yours Joyfully

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